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Guaranteed Replacement Cost
While other carriers are capping the amount to be paid on a total loss to your home, we refuses to severely restrict coverage. We still offer guaranteed replacement cost on most homeowners policies.

This unique product provides among the broadest of coverages in the industry for protecting your home-based business and at a very affordable price.

Homeowners Coverage Enhancements Plus
This endorsement provides numerous extra coverages and higher limits at one package cost.

Higher Limits for Sewer Backup Coverage
Did you know that sewer backup coverage is not offered in a standard homeowners policy? Not only that, but most companies cap coverage at $10,000 of damage.

Blanket Jewelry and Fur Endorsements
Stop scheduling each item of your jewelry and furs!
We offer a blanket jewelry and furs endorsement that can provide coverage for up to $25,000.

Identity Theft
Would you know what to do if you discovered your personal identification information was stolen? Whom would you call identity? Next ? What would be the most efficient approach to restore your identity?

For just $20 annually, you are covered against legal expenses or lost income if you or a household member is victimized.

Builder's Risk

Dwelling Fire

Mobile Homes


SR-22 Filings

Personal Umbrella

Excess Liability Limits

Recreational Vehicles

  • ATV's
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles